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Tommy at Acadia

by Douglas Twitchell
Tommy Boyd - a teen from my church youth group, who died in September, 2006.
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I wanted to get some more experience painting people. This is my second painting of a person, and the first doesn't really count - the subject of "Hungry Bird" was facing more-or-less away from my viewpoint.

Tommy is a young man who, until he died two years ago (at age 15), was a member of my church's youth group. This is a painting of him based on reference photos I took at Acadia National Park, just a few weeks before his accident.

This was challenging to paint, because in real life there were several other people standing about - a leg here, an arm there, a half a face there...

Including those "parts" of people would have made the picture far too cluttered. Unfortunately, those "parts" were almost entirely blocking the tents, so I had to study the tents from various angles in other reference photos and try to reconstruct them.

This is such a typical "Tommy Pose" - slouched down just a bit, looking at you out of the corner of his eye (and, in this case, squinting in the sunlight), with an expression that says "You talking to me?"

And, of course, he's wearing a "South Pole" shirt.

Painting Details

Title: Tommy at Acadia
Size: 10 in. x 8 in.
Medium: Acrylics

Categories: people

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