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Jerusalem Skyline

by Douglas Twitchell
A painting of Jerusalem's Skyline - a mixture of Islam and Judaism, a mixture of ancient and modern
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I think the Jerusalem skyline is one of the oddest skylines I've ever seen. As I stood on the far side of the courtyard in front of the Wailing Wall, I could see both the Wailing Wall (on the right) and the Dome of the Rock on the left. What a strange mixture of Islam and Judaism in one spot!

It's more than just the religious mix, though; Jerusalem seems to be a conflict between old and new. Look at the buildings and you're looking at some of the most ancient structures you have ever seen, but now look on the right and you see radio and antenna towers, and satellite dishes above the buildings. What a strange juxtaposition!

Painting Details

Title: Jerusalem Skyline
Size: 14 in. x 6 in.
Medium: Acrylics

Categories: buildings

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