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In the Woodlot

by Douglas Twitchell
A portrait of my father, as we were exploring a woodlot in Oxford, Maine
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In the fall of this year, my father and I went exploring in his woodlot, with the intended goal of marking a rough boundary line using his GPS. The trip was a bust - there was a beaver dam that had caused huge tracts of land to be flooded, so we couldn't mark waypoints.

Here is a portrait of my dad as he is coming out of the woods, holding the GPS in his hand.

The background was very low-lying swampy land, which is really not at all attractive, so I chose to simply surround the subject with a deep green background without any detail.

Painting Details

Title: In the Woodlot
Size: 5 in. x 7 in.
Medium: Acrylics

Categories: people

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